Antibacterial Socks


HydrySilver is woven with cotton to create antibacterial zones. As the silver ions from the silver yarn penetrate the bacteria’s cell wall, it neutralizes their ability to reproduce. Since bacteria typically lives for less than 24 hours, the bacteria dies off without being able to reproduce and colonize. Thus, bad foot smell is virtually eliminated because of the lack of bacteria to propagate the odor. Independent labs’ tests have confirmed that HydrySilver socks were 94% effective in killing bacteria that came into contact with the sock. Now that’s a killer sock!


Athletes, kids, patients, diabetics, firemen and police, military, people with sensitive skin, foot rash or sweaty feet. Essentially, anyone that wants to be bacteria free, these are the socks for you.

A high concentration of our silver yarns runs along the sole, heel, toe, and ankle for better protection against bacteria. An added benefit is the relief and conductivity which means less heat is concentrated in areas of the foot. This virtually eliminates the conditions that lead to blistering.

A cushioned heel and sole provide greater comfort. The hand-linked seamless toe also makes this one of the most comfortable and soothing socks you will ever wear!