Welcome to Devmir.com

Devmir manufactures and markets socks as well as a variety of fashion apparel and goods. Most of what we produce is made in Turkey utilizing the finest materials and manufacturing techniques for which Turkey is famous. Our products are made from the finest organic cotton, Welcome to Devmiracrylic, bamboo, recycled cotton, combed cotton, recycled polyester and other eco-friendly yarns.

Our philosophy is simple. Create something meaningful even in a simple sock. We believe that how we manufacture our products is as important as what we manufacture.

With one of the largest selections of socks for men, women, children, and infants, you’ll find styles for sport, dress, compression, diabetic, tights, legwarmers, school uniform socks, as well as sheer and pantyhose.

Step into our Sierra Socks and Wear Sierra product lines at Devmir, where quality never goes out of style.