Welcome to Devmir.com

Devmir manufactures and markets socks made of organic cotton, Welcome to Devmiracrylic, bamboo, recycled cotton, combed cotton, recycled polyester and other eco-friendly yarns. Most of what we produce is made in Turkey and to a lesser extent right here in the USA

Our philosophy is simple. Create something meaningful even in a simple sock. We also believe that how we manufacture our products may be more important than the products themselves. Creating a positive environmental impact is part of our business protocol.

We offer everything from basic styles to the latest fashions. Socks for every season and every occasion. Socks for all ages and all sizes. Men, women, boys, girls, and infants, we got it. Compression, diabetic socks, no problem. Tights, legwarmers, school uniform socks, emphatic yes. Did we mention sheer and pantyhose? Yes again.

Our one and only goal at Devmir is to have your feet COVERED the right way. That’s it.